2016 President's Annual Report

Guemes Island Community Center Association President’s

Annual Report

November 17, 2016

The year 2016 has been a busy one for the Community Center and its Board.  I want to especially thank our board, including  Vice President; Lynne Myall, Treasurer; Marietta Harrigan, Secretary; Julie Pingree, and Trustees; Rob Schroder, Tom Deach and Sarah Sibley (who has also taken on the responsibility of scheduler for the hall).  In the fall, Lynne Myall, due to her off-island schedule resigned, and Deb Strathman volunteered to replace her on the board.

Community Center business:

·         At the hall itself, the biggest project has been the purchase and installation of our new Generac Stand-by generator.  The upgrade is now automatic, alleviating the need for Rob to hand-start and “tinker” with the old generators.  The new generator will power the well pump, hot water heater, lights, furnace and the refrigerator.  Since we are the Community Emergency Response Team  (CERT) location for the island, it is reassuring to know that a truly operational shelter is available if we should need it.

·         The Schoolhouse Stage Project continues.

o   In reviewing last year’s report, for a number of reasons, Mike Gwost was unable to fulfill his optimistic promise of completing the stage in 2016.  Due to a complicated design, it has taken much longer than predicted to finish the concrete “base”.  We are getting close to starting the next step, which is construction of the wood floor.

o   Stage business resulted in the Community Center holding a summer meeting, in part to address the outcome of the “State of the Stage” meeting at the hall on July 12th.  These meetings resulted in support by the community to accept a loan from Michael Brown (see below) and in support of hiring paid help with necessary concrete work.

o   We have also addressed the community center’s liability concerns, via a volunteer waiver to be signed by islanders who are helping with construction.  Many islander’s have volunteered to work including Mike Gwost, Todd Figenshow, John Strathman, Bill Clark, Patrick Harrigan, Michael Grennell and many more.

o   A big thanks to our Fundraising Committee.  Michael Brown has loaned the board $8,000 to kick-start this year’s financial contributions, resulting in two challenge grants.  Deb, helping with the stage fundraising committee was successful in getting a $2,000 grant from the Anacortes Parks Foundation.

·         After a number of discussions, the recently formed Groundfloor Guemes Group decided to join the community center as an official committee.  This group of community minded individuals have:

o   helped raise funds for the generator via its second annual Strawberry Sunday Social

o   helped Melody Young in coordinating an annual all island clean-up

o   have started hand-making “Welcome Tote Bags” to give new island residents, somewhat akin to the “Welcome Wagon” of the past.  (Reports are in that the first recipient was very pleased with the thoughtfulness of this endeavor.)

o   are helping to get volunteers involved in island functions using the online tool, “Sign-up”

o   worked to enable a cooperative organic food procurement and delivery program

·         The DIGS food truck paid to have electrical service added to the north side of our building, making it much quieter for the food truck to operate at the hall when providing foodservice for miscellaneous events.

·         Even with much enthusiasm and popcorn, Rob and Michael Grennell were unable to garner enough interest to support, the “Sunday Night Movies” at the hall.  Therefore their endeavor  was suspended.

·         There have been many attempts over the past number of years, and in 2016 Julie and Lynne, with the help of Marietta rolled up their sleeves and worked on updating our Bylaws.  The new version was voted on and passed unanimously in October.

·         Our community continues to support the hall with generous contributions.  Our Annual Appeal resulted in over $12,000 in donations.  We have added PayPal as a payment option, and now also have the ability to accept donations through AmazonSmile.

·         We have recently begun reviewing the Community Center’s financial assets, to determine if our “rainy day fund” is adequate and also if our insurance coverage is in line with actual replacement costs should we have a catastrophic loss.

·         The Historical Society, the Community Center, the Library and CERT continue to investigate the possibility of expansion of the hall to better accommodate all four organizations.  I have personally stated that until the Stage Project is completed, the Community Center is not in a position to start another major project.  However while it appears that the stage project will take longer than anticipated, it will also take time to gather community input and funding for the long-term  upgrade of the Community Center, so the planning process is moving forward.


Events At The Hall:

·         Last year Julie Pingree headed up our first Chili Cook-off with Karaoke.  This year the same format was followed but with Chowder.  All were very delicious.

·         The theme for this year’s Talent Show was “The Year Of The Monkey” with Qi Lou explaining the importance of cultural awareness and providing several tasty Chinese dishes.

·         Our Fourth of July Celebration resulted in the sale of 357 hot dogs, raising $1,260, a bigger “Fourth of July Car Show” with 22 cars, and $200 for the Community Center as well as a decked out hall with refreshments for those who stopped by.

·         The Fall Festival – again with “GICCA” Hotdogs was enjoyed by many.

·         The Halloween party, this year coordinated by Sarah was well attended and very frightful.

·         The Holiday Bazaar, followed by the Woodchopper’s Ball will again be held on the Sat. after Thanksgiving.  These annual event are always popular with our islanders.

·         We also have many on-going Guemes Island organization meetings and activities including concerts, the annual summer student’s Science Camp and for those athletically inclined, Yoga and Zumba, several times a week.

It has again been a busy year at the hall.  The 2016 board has addressed some difficult issues, but throughout the year, we have always been able to work well together.  The year of 2017 will be an exciting change as  several new islanders are joining the board.  While most have long ties to the island, they are all fairly new as full time residents.  After five years, I am happy to be  signing off to a very capable and energetic group.  I look forward to what the coming years bring to the Community Center.

Thank You,

 Kathleen Phillips


Guemes Island Community Center Assn.

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