Community Center Minutes for March 16, 2017

GICCA Meeting Minutes 3-16-17

The GICCA Board Meeting was called to order by Sukki Herman at 7:05 p.m.

Board Members present: Sukki Herman - President, Barb Ohms - Vice President, Marietta Harrigan - Treasurer, Deb Strathman - Trustee, Loalynda Bird - Trustee, Sarah Sibley - Secretary

Board Member absent: Rob Schroder - Trustee

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve the minutes from February 16, 2017.

It was moved by Loalynda Bird and seconded by Barb Ohms.

The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

GICCA Treasurer’s Report for March


February 1 thru 28, 2017

Checking Account Beginning Balance (Including Special Funds)

Beginning Balance






Ending Balance


Other Accounts

Washington Federal CD


Savings-Skagit Bank


Special Fund Accounts








15,389.51 (+4042.00/-10646.28) $8,785.23



Special Funds Total


Checking (Minus Special Funds)


Marietta Harrigan informed the attendees that Jeff Gent’s gift of $1500 was received.

Julie Pingree informed the Board and attendees that the Church Endowment committee approved $1000 to be given toward the cost of generator installed last year (2016) at the Hall.

  • Kathleen Phillips added that the generator was paid for out of the GICCA general fund, so the endowment should go back to general fund

Luminary Parade

Loalynda Bird gave an update on the Luminary classes being held under her instruction at the Hall. The luminary classes will culminate in a luminary parade on Earth Day, April 22.

  • There have been 30 luminaries made.

  • Her goal is to have 50 luminaries.

  • Loalynda explained that some of the luminary designs are intended to honor deceased island artist and resident, Bubbles (Henrietta Findley).

Update on CD

Sukki Herman updated the attendees on the issue of whether or not to withdraw our CD at Washington Federal Bank.

  • This issue was brought to the table and discussed at last month’s meeting.

  • It is available for withdrawal in April.

  • It was discussed amongst Board members and decided to roll over into savings, rather than keep it in CD.

Loan Payback to Michael Brown

Sukki Herman reported that Michael Brown was issued a check in the amount of $8000.  It’s been reflected in the current balance for the Stage Project. She extended the entire Board’s appreciation to Michael Brown, who was not in attendance.

GroundFloor Guemes Update

Edie Clark gave an update from the Ground Floor Guemes meeting held on Tuesday, February 21.

  • It was voted by Ground Floor members to move forward with Strawberry Sundae Social on Father’s Day in June, from 2 p.m. The Guemes Island Historical Society (GIHS) will help. Proceeds will benefit the Guemes Island Ferry Trail Project.

  • Barb Ohms asked Tom Deach if the GIHS would be doing a display? Tom answered, yes.

Second Century Vision Committee

Dave Margeson gave a recap of his last presentation, including the new name of the committee to explore the expansion and future of the community hall.

  • It was voted and approved by the new board to adopt the name, “Second Century Vision”

  • The committee was formed with the intention of including members of at least one of each: GICCA (Rob Schroder), GIHS (Tom Deach), Guemes Island Library (Carol Pellett), CERT, and at-large island resident (Gary Curtis )

  • They will meet monthly and report to oversight committee, GICCA, quarterly

  • Their first order of business is to define how the five committee team members will work together

  • Their second order of business is the scope of work for project

A motion was made to adopt Second Century Vision Committee as a sub-committee of GICCA. The motion was made by Deb Strathman and seconded by Marietta Harrigan.

The motion passed unanimously.

There was an additional request regarding Earth Day Luminary Parade.

Loalynda Bird needs people with flashlights along the Earth Day parade route to light the path. Carol Pellett volunteered to take the request to the library for volunteers. Ground Floor Guemes will volunteer.

Rummage Sale

Sukki Herman reminded attendees of background history of this event and previous discussions at two earlier Board meetings. Barb Ohms presented information.

  • A subcommittee comprised of Barb Ohms, Loalynda and Don Bird evaluated pros & cons of adopting the sale as a GICCA sponsored event.

  • The subcommittee decided not to take it on at this time because  they felt there was not the human power to successfully do it. Next year, with enough planning, this may be possible.

  • In addition, Barb suggested a “curb alert” day - one official day for everyone to set out items they want to give away or sell at the end of their driveway. GICCA would promote/advertise this event if it was something we might do. Islanders would be responsible for cleaning their items after the day.

  • Sukki recalled that with all the other events currently slated for the year, a rummage sale seemed overwhelming for GICCA to handle.

  • It was agreed by all Board members to revisit next year.


Barm Ohms presented an update from CERT.

  • Gail Nicolls is in the process of updating neighborhood lists.

  • She called attention to the blue folder on the bulletin board in the Hall and in the library in the event information is needed immediately, but hopefully soon this information will be updated.

  • Gary Curtis suggested researching material put together by CREW - Cascade Region Earthquake Workgroup.

  • Barb responded to a question about food collection baskets.

    • Julie Pingree said that there are two at the Church - one goes to the Anacortes Food Bank, the other goes to Anacortes Family Center.

    • An attendee asked about needing storage if we are going to collect food items.  Barb discussed that the food Gail has in storage is in metal boxes & suitable for long term storage (rice, beans, wheat).

GICCA Board Tech Team

Sarah Sibley and Deb Strathman have been working together to create a unique, independant website for GICCA to replace the current website, which is a subsite from Linetime.

  • Sarah informed the attendees that the intention of the new website was to fill some of the gap left by the “Guemes Tide” as far as communicating news and events with islanders.

  • The site will better represent the mission of GICCA, and allow us to personalize and share information in a way that reflects our organization’s goals.

  • Deb showed the “coming soon” page of the website - currently in construction.

    • The site address is

    • Currently, visitors to the site will see a page to sign up for the email newsletter

  • Kathleen Phillips mentioned the grant website Wendell signed up for. They would like to pass along the sign-up and maintenance to the Board.

  • Deb encouraged attendees to visit our “coming soon” page to sign up, offer ideas.

  • Deb explained that our subscription list is separate from Linetime. They own their own distribution list.

  • Norm Prewitt presented the question that if as a committee chair could he call a meeting and email through our site. Sukki answered that each sub-committee would have a tab and information on their own page, but emails would not be public information.

  • It was made clear that emails would not be published. It was suggested that groups handle their own emails internally.

  • A publishable calendar is something that is missed from “The Tide.” Barb Ohms has volunteered to own the responsibility of having a printable monthly calendar of events accessible on the site. There will also be printed calendars to distribute at meetings.

  • Kathleen asked if we envisioned the calendar being everything on the island or just at the hall.

    • Deb answered that at first it would be at the Hall, but possibly evolving to everything.

Other Business

  • Carol Pellet stated that the Island phone book has gone to print and will be available at the end of the month.

  • Norm stated that the ferry webcam is the most popular link on He asked if the new GICCA website would have a webcam.

    • Deb answered that we would not, because we’re not looking to repeat things that are on Linetime. We want to focus on the Community Center.

Stage Project Update

  • Sukki asked if Mike Gwost was able to get the lumber milled.

    • Bill Clark reported that he has not. Mike has been delayed due to his truck. When it is repaired, he will take his saw to Yaddi Young’s property where the log is located, to be milled. No progress to date.

  • Sukki asked again for names of the artists who donated to the Valentine's Day dance so we could  send “Thank You” notes. Mike Gwost had previously stated he would send this list to Sarah Sibley last month, but has not.

  • Sukki reported that Michael Grinnell started the expansion grooves/control joints, but didn’t finished.

    • It was shared that the concrete may crack if it’s not completed soon after the concrete is poured and before the weather turns warm and dry.

    • Marietta Harrigan asked if this was work that Rob approved before his month-long absence? Barb Ohms contacted Rob, and Rob did give approval for this work to happen.

  • Concern was expressed about protecting our substantial investment in the concrete and that typically the control joints are done sooner after a pour. Pat Harrigan stated that as the weather warms, cracking is imminent.

  • Julie Pingree asked how we would get this done with the ferry out?

    • The tools necessary are already on site.

  • Scott Parker is interested in doing the work. Sarah Sibley will contact him, and get a confirmed date. If we can’t get a confirmed date from Scott, we’ll move forward with a contractor.

A motion was made to finish the control joints within 30 days by contacting Scott Parker to commit within the week or secondarily, hire a contractor to finish. The motion was made by Barb Ohms and seconded by Loalynda Bird.

The vote was unanimously passed.   

  • Mike Beeler volunteered to help with the effort.

Other Business

  • Gary Curtis reported on necessary parking lot improvements at  the Church that might temporarily affect parking at the Hall.

    • The way the church is situated with a sloping sidewalk, water runs to the entryway, creating a deluge at the front.

    • There will be regrading done to the surface so the water won’t run across the sidewalk. It will include half of the parking lot, which includes a portion normally used to access the Library and Hall.

    • Barb Ohms asked if we should share the expense of this regrading.

    • Gary answered, no. The Church has money in their own budget and will take care of it.

    • Gary also suggested that the north Community Center parking lot needs redressing as it is getting muddy and slick. Adam Mimnaugh may be able to do this work at the same time. Barb Ohms will contact Adam.


  • Sukki moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m.


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